Ode to a Roof

My momma never told me that life was like a box of chocolate.
My momma always told me, “Boy, be thankful for that roof over your head.”
Ode to a roof,
For protecting my computer
From this Seattle rain
And keeping it dry.
For not telling my mom
When I snuck out from underneath you
To eat Appleby's late at night with my friends.
Without you
Our house would be ugly and incomplete
And our neighbors would laugh at our house with no roof
Ode to a roof,
Which the homeless man struggles to find
He uses a tree, a bridge, a box
And calls it a roof.
I wish I could share you
With this man who uses a tree, a bridge, a box
As shelter.
But I am afraid to share you with the homeless man
Because I know nothing about him
And why he has no place to call home.
There are so many things we want and we complain if we do not get
All the homeless man seems to want is a real roof over his head
Or maybe a box of chocolates.

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