Ode to a Star

last night a star fell from the sky and landed at my feet
it twinkled once, twice
and sang so heavenly a tune that it took every fiber of my being
to keep from getting hypnotized

i picked it up and held it close to my breast
i could feel one thousand smiles glowing inside
but it did not burn me

i set it back on the road so i could continue
the path ahead was straight
but where i was going seemed suddenly inconsequential

i turned around and saw the star had disappeared
and i felt instantly bereft
like everything i was supposed to be had vanished with the star

i continued for two thousand steps
three thousand breaths
four thousand eternities
and walked straight into you

i was a zombie, numb from the walking, bored with the unswerving road
but i fixed my stare on your face and your eyes bored back into mine

something familiar twinkled once, twice
begging for me to touch it and promising
"Follow me. Hold my hand. I will not burn."

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