Ode to Artificial Flowers

A fake bouquet on my bed side.
Artificial flowers are not shameful.
No worry, no having to watch them slowly wilt.
No cleaning out a newly empty vase,
rinsing out water once used to nourish dead flowers,
that has since gone murky.
Technicolor silk petals last forever.
Find peace in their simplicity.
Neglect is promoted, beauty is preserved,
from lack of interference.
Seasons do not matter.
Lilacs, Chrysanthemums, Lilies, Carnations,
can finally meet year round.
Others will judge and say they are unnatural.
Why have flowers that aren't real?
Because eventually the storm will come,
winds will blow, animals will bite.
Holes can be made through fragile living petals,
leaves torn off and blown away, roots lifted from their bed.
I do not need to accept that inevitability.
I will not suffer that loss.
My Artificial Garden is anchored to its spot.
Silk petals can not be ripped, strong plastic stems calm anxiety.
Do not dismiss flowers not created by the Earth.
Affection can be manufactured.
Beauty does not have to be temporary.

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