Ode to Being Lost

Close your eyes,
Don't cry.
Lose yourself,
Atleast try.
Help me I'm falling apart, I must catch myself.
Keep it together,
Running through thoughts,
Frantically calling your name,
We are lost people.
Keep an eye looking through the keyhole,
Make sure the other side won't disappear.
From deceiving thoughts,
To holding hands,
To mistakes you can't take back,
Raise a glass,
To staying lost,
Because falling doesn't kill you until you hit the ground,
Until you hear bones on pavement,
And see tears on teen girls.
So until then,
They fumble in backseats,
And think rules don't apply to them,
But in the end...
Staying lost doesn't pay forever.
Soon you will be found,
And you will wish you hit the ground.

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