Ode to Being Yourself

I found one day
That wishes don’t work
Reality is the worst.
That Santa isnt real
Or the Easter Bunny
Or the Tooth Fairy
Or Happy Endings for that matter
Some just cant but hep but squash hopes
And dreams
That they kill our inner child
They make us hate ourselves
That the end of wonder ends early
The squasher of dreams
The squasher of hope
The killer of what we are at the start.
They make us fight ourselves
Just so we can be “normal”
those who stand away from the crowd
and say no to the Squasher
Of our inner child
Of our wonder
Of our endless hope
the hero in life
Dont fight themselves
And say screw this "normal is great but weird is better"
Are the ones who keep the greatest treasure,
So be proud of who you are
Enjoy your quirks
Stop trying to “fit in”
Hold on a little longer to the wonder
Hold on to the joy of of the smallest things
And laugh more
Enjoy yourself
And be you….

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