Ode to Bling-Bling

I know this sounds outrageous, but "bling-bling" makes me crazy!
In order to get more of it one can't be lazy!
Pearls, rhinestones, silver, shiny, sparkling, sometimes even gold,
It doesn't really matter if it's new or old.
This obsession began when I was seventeen
Wearin' jewelry of my grandma's even with my jeans!

At times comparin' myself to those beautiful actresses on TV,
Sayin, "Hey J-Lo, who cares about your pink engagement ring?"
When all dressed up with matching heels and "bling-bling"
There is nothing more exciting than feeling like a queen!

Although Lady GaGa I am definitely not
I would rather wear chiffon, velvet, or lace,
Than have some stupid steak draped across my legs!
Give me Michael Kors or CoCo Chanel.
This "bling-bling" jewelry is an outer extension of me
That allows me to express my personality!

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