Ode to Cheese

O' cheese you gorgeous, tender treat,
There's nothing that I'd rather eat.
Wheth'r strong or mild, you can't be beat.
Your bite, so sharp, I do entreat.
Your texture, soft; your flavour, sweet;
Your lush bouquet of rancid feet--
Sliced thick or thin, with bread or meat,
You are a tender, tasty treat.

Your curds, so fine, go well with wine.
Upon you every night I dine.
More festive than the scent of pine,
My underwear with you I'll line.
O' Feta in your salty brine,
On Valentine's, will you be mine?
I'll spear you with my forky tine,
You tender, tasty concubine.

O' agéd block of cheddar, please.
You make me fall upon my knees.
To nibble you is but to tease.
Your gentle whim would I appease.
I'll swallow you with blissful ease,
Devour you in twos and threes.
If only you did grow on trees,
You tender, tasty, noble cheese.

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