Ode to Distant Memories

Wiping away the scars that will me.
Tearing through memories.
Ears plugged into the music.
It overpowers me with sad lyrics.
Trying to get over it but, the button in my
head says recap.
My heart is unpredictable.
There's always heartache in the world.
That's where the tears come in.
The thing I try not to do,The thing I try to keep
behind closed doors.
“How do you feel?” The recited question you'll always
hear when you sit in the therapeutic chair.
When you try to make them disappear, you can't.
The “I'll be okay” doesn't help.
Maybe it's just my heart calling again.
These are the scars that shape me.
This is the sad recurring lyric i've been tuned into.
How did I get here?
How did I fall this deep the broken floorboards called life?
I wonder why shed these tears
if i'm just going to discover more?
Hiding my face with a mask of insecurities.
A smile that is supposed to resemble happiness.
Trust me, none of them are real.
So now my tears flow freely but, there's always
someone to catch them if they fall too close to
The floor.

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