Ode to Hank

He entered our lives as a surprise.
We watched him grow from tiny to great size.
Why, it seemed as if he grew before our very eyes.
Robust and round and hearty was Hank,
it seemed as if he grew to the size of a tank!
Never a word, never a care, except for his presence,
we hardly knew he was there.
Then came the dreadful night Hank went away.
Never to return, tomorrow or today.
The story was told he went quietly and with pride,
Although,on my lover's hand he cried and cried.
Slowly he shriveled, his life ebbed away,
there was nothing to do, nothing to say.
We covered him out of respect and laid him to rest,
this little friend's life with whom we'd been blessed.
Now the pain grows more intense everyday that has gone.
Oh, dear Hank, how we wish your life could have been long.

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