Ode To Honeybees

Sunrise to sunset the ancients labor
Collecting nectar for humanity's vigor
Fuzzy bodies dance from flower to flower
Dusting life throughout creation
Where would man be if you buzzed no more?
Browned the grass and trees would be
Without the ancients, green would shrivel.
In the center of the hive, residents sustain order
A royal yellow births new life
Creatures so carefully toil protecting their queen
A civilized manner is the way they go about
Cleaning and working, protecting the hive
Softly dancing, the bees share secrets
Communication is how they operate
The gift givers unknowingly provide beauty
Blossoms of red and purple freckle the earth's surface
The result of their labor, a perfect substance
The golden of the god's sooths; ever fresh flowing amber
Miraculous bearers of gifts from the Creator
forever dusting, dancing, protecting
Humanity reaps the fruit of their tasks

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