Ode to Laughter

We start to talk at ten pm,
half of the time, you're dozing off.
You're family barges in to ask whom you're talking to.
You put me on mute; so I can't hear them, make you blush.
Your sister is on the top bunk bed, having to listen to us chat.
She rolls her eyes in annoyance.
It's eleven pm

Our words get shorter and shorter;
running out of things to say.
It sounds like you are sleeping because of how quiet it is.
I ask you what you like most of me,
And the call ends.
I wonder what I did wrong.
It's twelve am

You call me back and it's quiet.
You tell me what you like about me, and I start blushing.
I still wonder why you ended the call.
Running out of things to say, tempting to say goodnight.
You watch a instagram video that makes you laugh.
You're laugh brightens up this dark room.
We laugh our way through the call, to two am.

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