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Ode To Life's Trials

So now of course the undeniable time arrives of heart ache
Never did I believe all would be great forever make no mistake

And though the world has these days been grand of late
I knew that my time was coming as an ill awaited fate

I'm of course now going to have a different approach
I will not allow to have coercion nor another to coach

These are my troubles that I know from which I'll grow
And find my way back from anything this is true I know

The days to come will understandably be trying and sad
But in the end of all this I will be the reaper and the glad

I know these things are no more than I can stand
So I take it in stride with good and bad going hand in hand

Doubt will not cross me however for the answer will come to light
I'll fear never but I'll give only the most valiant and sincere of all my fights

There truly is only one "BEING" in the world that I know I can call
"HE" is my savior through and through no matter the climb or what wall

So now before it starts I will be Thankful for what is about to come
Not only for the end of it but for the lesson but the person I'll become

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    This Poems Story

    I was just given some not good news and want to find the silver lining and take only that approach