Ode to Love

The light of the stars shines through the dark velvet night
in the hours moving the sands of time.
The shroud of heaven covers the warm moonlight
that cast shadows of two lovers embracing closely
in the hours of the night, feeling their hearts
move in perfect rhythm as one. Their hands entwine
as the beautiful song plays warmly in the hours of love
before them with a tenderness found across the beautiful
sands of time. As the grains flows, they look into one
another's eyes to see their souls joining with a warm
forever that is destined to be. At this beautiful
moment their lips meet to share a kiss that lasts
for hours, where it seems time has ceased to move.
What is time to them when you are in love with one
who is your heart that makes you feel alive?
They feel love burn strongly of a passion
that can never die like an ember in a long
dead fire in life because ode to love in them is
written in their hearts that are joined for all eternity!

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