Ode to Music

Among every method of expression, you are what I need the most.
You are a remedy to heartache.
You are an invisible, silver handheld mirror clearly reflecting the truth.
You are forever changing.
Sometimes you are as hard as a never ending math test,
and sometimes you are as soft as smiling daisies in a summer meadow.
Surrounded by others' thoughts and emotions,
you manage to become a stable ledge to those around you.
You manage to describe
sad, happy, mad, blissful, melancholy, or even heartbreaking things
in ways words found a burden.
Blending and sharing the thoughts that are left unsaid is a gift
adhered to your every breath.
Notes hit me as if they were static from a simple doorknob.
You are like a lifesaving inhaler,
bringing relief through your every breath.
Stitches have woven many different meanings into your skin.
You celebrate everything that you can see or dream of.
Smooth rhythm like an exaggerated heartbeat fills your bones.
Colors swirl in so many unnamed ways
through every single key and beat.
You're immortal through others.
You bring people together like an endless party.
Boundless and unafraid you show others things people never say.
You manage to sink into people's hearts no matter what location.
You help keep the world turning and keeping people moving.
You are a beating heart.
You're free.

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