Ode to My Chronic Pain

Hey, how are you?
I am in an abusive relationship
Physical, emotional, sexual
There's no running from it
A strong support system and a tough break up
Just wont do it
Chronic pain is my dark cloud
Even on the sunniest days
It casts a shadow on my defective body
Send it back, Refund please!
Chronic pain feels a lot like
Hot coals in your stomach
Barb wire draping delicately from your shoulders
Wrapping its way tightly to your toes
Feels a lot like failure
My days look like
Heating pads, more pillows, not enough blankets
Cabinet full of pain pills, days of sleep
Looks a lot like, "That girl is so lazy!"
Chronic pain sounds like
"I'd love to, but i'm busy"
"Can't come into work today, i'm "sick" again"
"Sorry mom, my phone was off"
"Sorry son, we can't play today"
Sorry lover, I can't love you today"
I just want to lie down today
I want to sleep this pain away
I don't want to wake up to this again
Please, please, this can't be my body
How are you today, you ask
I'm fine

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