Ode To My Curly Hair

This is an ode to my curly hair as it twists here and it twirls there
There is no logic to it, no pattern, no plan
No up, nor down, nothing simple or plane
Its swirling and whirling and crazy insane

Its tousled and jostled and purposely messy
And when it rains, its very distressing
The curls become tight and quite unruly
And the thought of straight hair is oh so appealing

It has a mind of its own and its always the boss
Which way it goes is simply a coin toss
Sometimes its sexy, sometimes its alluring
Sometimes its tangled and mangled and very disturbing

My wish once came true when I was with child
My once curly hair was no longer wild
My opinion soon changed when I tried for some bounce and action
I prayed for my curls to come back, even if at just a fraction

Now its back to its old usual ways
I surrender to its power day after day
I've learned not to complain, there are worse kinds of messes
Than to be born with curly tresses

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