Ode To My Dog

My dog is precious
She's black and brown.
She loves to sleep,
and cuddle into a ball.
She's as adorable as a newborn baby
She loves the outdoors
So i take her on long endless walks.
She's so lovable and playful
She brings so much joy to my family and I.
Every day i come home,
with barely any socks left in my drawer.
Whenever she sees and sock,
she knows exactly what to do; she steals it.
She's as sneaky as a robber stealing money from a bank.
She loves food
She attacks her bowl whenever its full
She's always as hungry as a contestant on the biggest loser.
She wags her tail
as fast as a whip!
The day we brought her home from the point,
was the best day ever.
I love you Chloe

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