Ode to my Door.

I would like to raise a toast,

For not only do you keep my very private life private

From all other life that walks on the outside,

But you close me away and help me to get to my happy place.

The wooden frame so nicely carved,

With such precision to fit the box where you lie.

It was especially made to fit your special physique,

Or perhaps you were made perfectly to fit into,

Only a certain, specific, special kind of outline.

Maybe we all really have that certain special outline,

You know, the one shape that only we can fit to.

It’s like the individuality of our own lives,

Relating back to the simplicity of a beautiful, white, wooden door.

You’re the best for holding tightly, onto my pretty ‘name’ pictures,

For once the tape is up, it holds so solid,

Like a snakes grip on its prey.

Here’s a thanks to you, for letting me beat and abuse you

When I needed to take out my frustration,

And nothing else seemed to help.

You hide my cries, my screams, and my sorrowful bellows of pain,

And you make it so easy to just get away for a moment, so desperately needed.

I say, an ode to you for keeping me safe all these years,

I don’t know how I lived before I had,

To fit perfectly in my bedroom frame,

An elegant, white, wooden door.

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