Ode to My Father

My father's cloak feels warm and real
But beware the chameleon on the Poker wheel.
Do not succumb to his caresses
His love is feigned, it soon regresses
The oaths of love will not endure
Emotions are shallow and quite impure
A barren heart with no redemption
Distorted values and vile intention
I can't forgive the invidious vanity
Which causes pain and arouses insanity
Beatings and sarcasm are to his taste
My father reaps and harvests waste
He harnesses powers of humiliation
With vacuous promises and intimidation
His power is based on brutal might
The victim is powerless, cannot fight.
His temper is a rash of huge dimension
Of Volcanic proportion, and dissemination
Love and duty died, dismembered
Childhood sorrow is remembered
Tyranny smouldering in a darkened room
Festering feelings of infinite doom.

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