Ode to My Hands

When I was younger, you shielded my eyes
At times when I was too afraid to look
Or you helped me count in hide-and-go-seek
Letting your fingers crack open to peek
You've let me know the softness of my dog
The rough prickles of my father's unshaven cheek
The crisp smoothness of a blank sheet of paper
Kept me holding on when I was ready to just let go
Fingers grasping so desperately for what little was left
I used your freckle-adorned back
To wipe away tears I was too stubborn to acknowledge
You clutched onto my pen to scribble down my words
My thoughts, my passion
Closed into a fist when I was quick to anger
But I have no need to hide anymore
I no longer rub you in my salty tears
I've loved you for all you've done for me in the past
But I've learned the best thing you've done for me yet
Is giving me the chance to lace your fingers with those of another

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