Ode to My Mother

It all started with those astonishing little kicks
Those kicks that brought her the enchantment that was gone.
That expected colossal pain,
Which was pain that almost couldn't get fixed.
Giving delivery, the most formidable stage in a madam's life,
That all ensued in no time.
The vital fluid that was lost,
Was comparable to a natatorium filled up with red wine,
As a benefaction from the divine being was assumed.
It was my first anniversary,
My forbearer got ambushed rearward the steel bars.
Satisfyingly, the fortitude of my amazing creator,
Didn't collapse like the Berlin Wall.
Cycles and cycles passed, the steel bars didn't unlock as envisioned,
As a consequence, it was only me in her prodigious life.
My creator, your beam is identical to the light of the day,
It heats me through and through.
Your headlights are natatoriums of liquid love,
That just causes me to bawl.
During my immaturity, you unveiled your amour in every way
By administrating wizardry plasters and kisses by the day.
Every injury you treated with amatory grace
Bringing back a beam to my crying face.
My debt to you is not disputed,
My amour for you is clear and without limits.
You are my anchor, my defense,
My shielded harbor in my epochs of stress.

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