Ode to My One True Love

Perceive my strange mind without fear.
Imagine us intimate, although if only in heart.
Guide my passion vigorously and
Make me whole again with the perfect promise.
Eagerly free my soul within the bounds of yours and
Allow them to intertwine.
Grip my fate and my future tightly, never abandoning them.
Tightly fasten the gaping cracks within my dark heart.
Soothe the resonating darkness of my tragic past.
Remove the veil that heavily blinds my weary eyes.
Drive a knife into the binding chains of my anger and sorrow.
Erase the evil delirium of my inner wickedness.
Show me the way into your deep and brilliant mind.
Ultimately understand the entirety of my being.
Discover my heart and find it lovely.
Freely trust me with your secret past.
Hint at the promise of a perfect future together.
Accept my existence completely and without change.
Love me deeply and intimately without fear.

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