Ode to My Pencil

By Abby Ar   

I remember those tests we went through together,
And the pain I felt while taking them.
I ended up with two different answers,
But you helped me choose which one looked better.
I remember the constant notes we had to take during class,
And when I had no pens,
There you were,
At the bottom of my pencil case,
Ready to be used.
For some reason,
It seemed that you never ran out of lead.
You were just always sharp,
Ready to take on the night’s homework.
When that one sentence didn’t make sense,
You gave me to courage to just wing it,
And move on to the next problem.
I dread the day when I will finally lose you,
And when I have to buy a new pencil.
But you will never be forgotten,
Instead you will be remembered
As my favorite homework companion.

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