Ode to My Spirits’ Home

O' Death
O' Eternity
O' Hiraeth

Burdened with life I search for home
Cursed with breath I breathe in smoke
Beating heart
Pulsing veins
Blinking eyes
A dead soul in a living body
An unsettled spirit searching for home
Is me

O' Life release me to dust

O' Death lead me home
O' Eternity keep me warm
O' Hiraeth take me back

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This Poems Story

I have always had this bone-deep nostalgia, a yearning for a place I didn't know. I was never able to explain it until I realized that the name I was mourning was death, but not quite. Similar to death in that it's a state of unbeing but different because I don't particularly dislike life. Nor do I want to die. When I thought about it as a state of unbeing I was inspired to write this pem. This eternal state of unbeing is where I feel my spirit belongs and life is just a journey home.