Ode to One

The one whimpering
in the only snug secure corner
spinning soft splattered verses on
ruined, ripped, and ragged skin,
Tear soaked entries in raspy
choking phrases,
Praying till the words will whine,
Pushing the hurt down and away,
Publishing pain into it's prison,

The one relying on one more chance,
One more mixed and mended motion,
To come crashing down and
standing back up,
To trudge through the muck
and the morbid,
To find shelter in a crumbled, caking hole,
To fall from grace be yet humble,
To hold up heavy hopes,
Revealing an honor against all horrors,

The one that places flowers
at every stage,
lifting away any
lingering loneliness with lowliness,
Still there, still knowing,
that the day you don't come
won't be the day
they reappear,
Resting in peace
so they may live in dreams,
Respecting each past reminiscence,
Impartations of imposing grimness,

The one who wonders
with each thought connecting,
To spread without controlling,
To live and left forgot,
To find that each moment,
each day,
each hour,
is full of breath yet,
And the exhale is left to what's next,
Still one but yet many,
Divulging in deep ingenuity,

The one wishing with what they have,
When no star will spare a sparkle,
When no creature will call,
When no magic has mercy,
One holds only what they have,
In the darker deepest well of wisdom,
The only lighted golden rule,
Is that a wish is granted by chance,
A mistaken miracle at most,
Yet to believe in the broken and battered,
The impossible be replaced,
You hold it close,
Unveiling this hidden place,

The one that knows without knowing,
That understands without showing,
The patient and regretful,
The adverse and abnormal,
The blissful and belated,
The caring and concealing,
The daring and denoted,
The elevated and equal,
The opposite of its opposite,
No matter the body, no matter the soul,
If you exist or not at all,
You are One with all or none,
Disclosing what has long since begun.

So with all traits and treasures,
All the simple and special,
All the remorse and remains,
All what was and will be,
All scattered memories,
And every heart entwined,
I admire your everything,
Even if what is yours is not mine.

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