Ode to Papa and Mama

Cherub faces eyes so wide, little ones gaze up at you to guide
Rails of cribs lock babies safe, they will not fail or bend or break
Handmade blankets not so warm from what is crawling through the storm
And now I lay me down to sleep as Papa prowls at night he creeps
Mama thinks he's quelling nightmares as he quietly ascends stairs
But Papa truly craves a taste; babies scream; Mama lies awake
In Mama's arms they cannot hide sugar spirits cry and die
They're Papa's prey most every night using them for his own delight
Papa hunts babies one by one, Mama so cruel knows the damage done
shelters Papa's sins for years, silent terror hides through tears
No one listens, believing rape. Telling means desertion is their fate
Others think you perfect folk. You sit in church your smiles a joke
Now even with your bodies gone, the damage birthed was Satan spawned
And rotting chains will never break as silent voices won't escape
From one generation to the next your vile curse leave haunting hex
We cannot wake you from your grave impose the vengeance that we crave
But if we could we'd raise you up and prove to you we've had enough
Your cursed evil made us strong, we sifted through your sinful wrongs
God won't redeem a vicious heart the prayers you lifted in the dark
won't save your soul and in the end we will rise but you're condemned

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