Ode to Piano

By k   

Ode to Piano

The sounds that come from you,
Has no parallel because your sound
is higher in glory and praise,
Than any other instrument

Your beautiful notes and sounds
Bring joy and peace in my heart.
Even if it's flat or sharp,
The sound is still enjoyable beyond compare.

The fingers dancing down your keys
Bounce and spring up and down
Creating the melodies
that are each unique and beautiful

If there were to ever be a sound more glorious
Than that of yours,
Then it would have to be above all heavens
And better than any euphoria on this earth.

The ivory and ebony keys as they are played,
One by one, or in a chord,
bring harmonious tunes and songs
That fill my heart to the brim with bliss.
There is no other sound on this earth
that could compare
to the lovely sounds that you share.

You bring me the most happiness in my life,
And when I’m down,
It’s you that brings me back up.
You’re my heart and soul,
My piano.

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