Ode to Pizza

0'Pizza, so deliciously cheesy,
even though you are very greasy.
I hear your voice calling, saying, "Please eat me!"
And when the waiter comes around I say, "I'll have three!"
"Three what?" The waiter asks. "Why, cheese pizza of course!"
The waiters eyes swell up with tears, his face showing remorse.
"I'm sorry" he says, "but we are out of pizza today."

My world crumbles before me, I try to keep my sadness at bay.
"Out of cheese pizza?" Is that what you say?"
I am afraid so, I believe you should go."
I run out, beginning to pout.

A man walks up to me, and sees my tears.
I mutter "no pizza", and I believe he hears.
"Would you like some?" He asks, and I see what he holds.
Two cheese pizzas! Oh, I felt as rich as gold.
I reach over, taking a slice.
But then I ask, "For what price?"
And he says "It is free."
So naturally I jump for joy and shout with glee.
I grab the other slice by the puffy crust,
and when I bite into the golden, stretchy cheese, I say,
O' pizza, eat more of you I must.

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