Ode to Rain

Grey clouds, as if lightly shaded with a pencil
Many believe you depress people, make them
sort of tensile
One by one, small raindrops glistening and falling
with delight
Bringing beauty to them yet they detest you with
all their might
You're not what they think you are
Don't forget:not everything that is beautiful must
shine like a star
O dear friend, I have yet to understand what others despise
It seems irrational and illogically to hate something
so blessed
Drip drop drip:your symphony wraps around me
and engulfs me whole
Soothing me and comforting my unguided, lost soul
O my dear rain, misunderstood just like me
Drizzling everything with tender raindrops, so dazzling to see
You reflect our bad days and moments of solitude
You calm us when we are about to delude
Sometimes we need to know we're not alone
You shed heavenly tears, as if my grief were your own
With a gentle breeze along, you knew it'd be
the perfect consolation
Your embrace with fresh aroma, filled me with a tingly
O bearer of tears, you remind me that the world
isn't perfect

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