Ode to reality

I cut my hair.
I welcomed pain....I hated it but it wasn't in vain.
They loved it they said I look beautiful
Suddenly i was no more invisible

Putting on makeup
Chopping down all the hair
One step near
They won't leave me because I am mere

Then I met a guy
The one I waited for all my life
I felt a lil special then gave him my all
Then a day came... Suddenly it all was my fault.

He is toxic
The man of my dreams
I hoped it wouldn't be this

And the harder I tried to break ties
The deeper I fell down
Into A bottomless pit
portrayed as a misfit

Gloom and breakdown are now
My monochromatic rainbows and unicorns
Maybe if I didn't let those multicoloured in
There'd wouldn't be any grim

I painted the pain
Cried my heart out always zoned out
Dancing it all away
But then one day,
I felt the blinding warmth of the sun ray

I saw the colours come to life
Beneath the garden snakes, a lil rose
Oh it gives me hope

Off to another galaxy, buckled up in my seat
One day I'd be friends with the stars
Fight all these inside wars
Fragile I was but now travelling through the worlds
I will watch the rainbow skies and lil fireflies

Little did I know the shooting stars
The heat in thier heart
The beautiful burns of a war
Disappear in the blink of eye
As I bide the time of this little life.

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