Ode to Serenity

Serenity, life’s sweet mistress
Peaceful is thine nature
Amongst a host of discontent
The value placed upon your head
…is all but spent
Washed away with yesterday’s rain
Will you ever rise again?
Oh Serenity, sweet mistress of life
You feel man’s discord
His utter loss and shame
You are there to catch him when he falls
Again and again…
In times of desperation
You will be his strength
His vision on into the night
Oh Serenity, sweet mistress of life
Your reign is all too short
You must comply with man’s contort
Over shadowed by those more demanding
You take your place in the dark
Waiting for his call
His cry for help, for need
And there you will be
Oh Serenity, Life’s Sweetest Mistress

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