Ode To The Cold, Green Witch

Stay, please stay! Don't leave me here. You're not supposed to go away. Leaving me broken.
You didn't find me this way. You can't run out until I am whole. But I know how badly you want to go.
There were some good times. They couldn't all be bad. You wouldn't have stayed for as long as you have.
Time was supposed to mend this. Time was supposed to heal. But time has done nothing.
It's a broken fortune wheel. You don't see anything in mine but I see galaxies and stars in your eyes.
I also see resentment, jealousy, and lies. You're really going to do it. I can't stop you if you want to go.
But before you walk out, just know that I know. And I have been faithful throughout all of these years.
See I'm not like you. I have a big heart and can cry tears. I think you were born with a heart defect.
You can't seem to love unless you consistently reject. It's not just me, I'm not paranoid.
Others, too have noticed your void. Now that I think about it, I'm about to get really angry.
If you know what's best for you, you'll go now. Believe me, you'll thank me.
Good riddance you wretched, ugly shrew! I can't believe how long I tolerated you!
Always nasty, bitter and mean. Who are you to judge? You are not a queen.
All you are is spiteful, unhappy, and obscene. And now that you're gone, my life is happy and serene.

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