Ode to the Moon

Ode to the moon
By: Jalan J. Rupert

---A faithful witness in the sky---
---When I see a comet fly---
---You are a wonder, great and grand---
---You span miles and miles of endless land---
---You bring light to the darkened sky---
---Your surface of dust, like a mirror so high---
---Residing over the earth for years---
---You bring me so much joy and tears---
---Your vastness and glory, none can compare---
---Your adoration and dedication are qualities rare---
---Your presence is peaceful and soothing---
---Though to the sun, you can be excluding---
---No animosity or grudge you hold---
---But the people of this world, to you extolled---
---At your post, you guard the night---
---And reflect the one providing the light---
---You’re loyal, staying in your creator’s shadow---
---In this small corner, empty and shallow---
---You bring balance to the earth and its seas---
---No greater responsibility do you have then these---
---These are just some examples of faith---
---You show to your creator, the earth and its seas---

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