Ode to the Morning Star

Today I watched the sun come up,
As I have many times before,
Yes, today I watched the sun come up,
More beautiful than ever before.
With the songbirds singing, the morning dew gleaming,
As though I'd never noticed before,
Yes, today I watched the sun come up,
Stronger than ever before.
Yes I'm up with the sun just to coddle the moon,
For fears of heartbreak wake me up by noon,
Just swallow your pride; Least that's what they say,
But how can you speak when you don't know your own name?
Oh sun, sweet sun come rise up today,
Oh sun, sweet sun in your warmth I will play.
The questions do poke and yes, they do pry,
As the walls building up, behind which I hide.
Which doors have you locked?
Whose heart did you break?
With your arsenal stocked,
Whose voice did you take?
Oh sun, sweet sun please rise once again,
For I miss you so dearly, my only friend.
Do not cry, don't you lie; That's just not the way.
Oh yes, I awoke with the sun today,
Stronger than ever before.
Yes, I rose with sun today,
From the solace of my back porch.

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