Ode to the Perfect Game

A 300 game is the aim
At the start of each new game
The first ball is thrown
Will my perfect game be blown?

Then with a bang, fell all ten pins
One strike down, now it begins
Two more balls pitched down the lane
Hitting the pins like a train

Frames 4, 5, 6 pins dropped with the breeze
Six strikes in a row don't let me freeze
Frames 7 and 8 gave a little scare
The 10 pin shakes but, I give it a glare

Strike number 9 could be heard across the state
Now on to the 10th frame will it seal my fate?
1, 2, 3 more strikes are down
And now I have won the 300 crown

Whoo! Yelled the crowd as I fell to a knee
Could this really be me!
But the score at the end, says it all
My name will be on the 300 wall

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