Ode to the Sun

Ode to the Sun

I often wake before the light,
the air is cold and the sky, still night.
My body aches but I must rise,
the voice in my head is the devil in disguise.

He tells me to rest and call it quits,
I cannot oblige, I must keep my wits.
The voice gets louder and louder,
as if my mind was filled with gunpowder.

All my fears and insecurities fade,
when the sun ascends, my day is made.
Its warmth and glow feeds me hope,
offers zest and helps me cope.

It humbles me when I become too proud,
and lifts me up when I’m feeling down.
You could say the two of us are close,
ever present for my highs and my lows.

The sun brings me back to life,
without it causes strife.
I pray for a short and dry winter here,
Until March, my golden friend must disappear.

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