Ode to water

Ode to Water
Oniket Soore

Away, away pains are drifting on wavetops
Sorrows esctatic dancing on water chest

Mood O mine, be void
Be emptied into water
Excerbate not your griefs

Halt not so sudden on your path
Put your burden on a leaf
Let it be afloat on river

Let it be dancing away as the wind blows
And your heart be played like a harp

A dropped-off leaf floats alone on water
Does it paint a line as it goes?
Then it disappears forever!

Water O! how unique thou art!
Wipest away all the signs
(If tears mix, can they be ever marked?)

Mood O mine, be vacant and bare
Stripped of your trouble
And emptied into water

I floated away all my pains on a leaf
Adrift and went down to the bottom all my ailments
And a tune was played upon my harp…

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