Every morning, she grabbed her writing journal
Of all things, an inanimate object would listen
Little did she know, she’d found her journey
She only started because she didn’t want to sit in real life stuck bitching
Now she was in love, like a princess being courted
She used a piece of paper as a way to get some of the puss out of her stitching
This is to celebrate her little something that bloomed as beautiful as a vine of flowers in a courtyard
She found a way to grow, and it’s sticking
Once she realized a piece of paper had potential, stepping out of the troubles wasn’t hard
She outlined pretty pages with green and yellow paintings while the ugly ones she covered up with stickers

Inside her journal, she’s painted groovy patterns of rainbow colors
Inside her mind, she’s turned pages into heart throbbing creations
If you keep calm and turn the pages, you’ll see brain matter turned into beautiful thinkers
In the instance of thoughts, write them down like you’re collecting trinkets
This intense love to capture every moment is how she felt when she wrote
This love for the mind and her life was her sole message to the rest of the World
She’d try to warm the Earth like her pieces of paper were blankets
She’d needed a reason to wake up in the morning, and the pen and paper were her brain’s only advocates
In the event she could give advice, pouring her heart out onto a page is the only thing she could say kept her going
In the event she never did this, I would bet the end of her was to be gory

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