A weary traveler sojourns, wraith-like
lost, laden with grief and strife
upon a cold hard surface I lay
struggling to return, from Homer’s
depiction of battling monsters and
enduring the wrath of Gods
as a gentle whisper resonates, ‘I journey with you’
taking comfort from her omnipresent voice
fueling my resolve to move on,
I stand before the impenetrable fortress
of sinew and synapses buzzing with neurons,
‘Let me pass!’, I whimper

My inner sanctum alerted to the intrusion
yet the reluctant Gate Keeper yields not
‘What is your purpose Athena?’, It furiously reels
my shield, ‘Athena! Athena! the name I hate,
allegorically, it's my soul’s journey towards God’
the yellow bricks beneath my little feet crumbles,
turning into my beloved dirt road
lethargically, I retreat down the road littered
with King cobras and slithering black mambas
she sits alone, playing quietly, imagining
the life of a princess ruling a beautiful
garden kingdom with unicorns beside
she is aware of my presences, a beautiful
woman with long curly hair and green eyes
she stares at my vision, I smile bending down
and whisper to the Princess,
‘You are going to be OK, have Faith! I love you
dearly and always will’

My beloved road dissipates into a wet puddle
the rain falls mainly on the streets and
those two muddled under an umbrella
only fit for one, a secret union they share
she is once again aware of my presences
our eyes meets in despair, leave him you
must, the job you will get with Hope
yet a sacrifice you will make, choose wisely
for you will break his heart and to save him,
kiss him you must, before you depart forever

I never saw the last part for I stood before
Darkness, spiders of every species imaginable
falls from the skies, devouring my flesh
screams emanates from deep within me
but no sounds I emit to the outer world
while the love that flows from God
is pure; it was tainted in carnality as
a lure used by the men I met
Forgiveness is the alchemy to
release me from this nightmare
but I must find Love to give
rise to forgiveness, none I can find for them
I see three beautiful smiling faces,
‘I love you, Mummy’, and forgive the men
I eventually did, squashing the spiders
in my wake

She gently taps my shoulder three times
having achieved the theological virtues of
faith, hope and love, I emerge victorious
to restore my blessed future surrounded
by the Love which moves the Sun and Stars,
off the cold hard couch I descended.

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