Of Saints and Sinners

Slurred words are leaking
From your lips.
You're dying. I see
That drug, that drink, that smoke--
It's killing you,
Calling my name in a drunken rant
Too high to see your kin
Sweating lies and sniffing death--
Taking what's wrong and working
On faith
Rolling up hope and burning it to ash
Slurred words through closed
Doors calling out to me
Breaking my heart and praying you live
Hitting walls, unknown scars,
Jestful hacks of that crack
Popping pills to feel a little
Rolling up to cut that weed
Losing the seed of your mentality
Cutting open that molly eating away
The remnants of your body
Breathe it in or breathe it out, smoke it up
Or put it out, pour it up or pour it out
'Cause I'm slipping on those
Slurred words.

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