Uniform on, duty sworn;
between home and work your life is so torn.
Never a still moment; when it’s quiet you can’t embrace it;
Even when your feet aren't pacing, your mind is racing.
Things you see and things that you hear;
Images burned into your mind-some things don’t disappear.
Officer of the law, how much hate that you endure;
Everyone saying that you are doing your job right or wrong;
Sometimes you don’t even know why you fight anymore.
The weight of the world is always on your shoulders;
The pain of leaving loved ones as heavy as a thousand boulders.
Every decision you make critiqued by a thousand eyes;
Ironic of course for when trouble comes those eyes run and hide.
Everyone ready to battle when you misstep or misspeak;
But you are also human and are REQUIRED to turn the other cheek.
How I wish that every pain you have and trouble you face;
I could take from you and you could take my place.
To be able to see the man that I see every day;
A hero running towards trouble when I just want to run away.
The man who has a family and wants to survive like everyone else;
Not at the one who at the end of his days can barely even look at himself.
When do you get peace and quiet? When do your bad days end?
Your duty can make it hard to be a good husband, father, and friend.
Trying to smile for the camera at birthdays and events;
The whole time thinking of the kid that the stray bullet hit.
Did you get the person help who come off of the street?
After the suspects day in court did you help the other family to their feet?
The public doesn’t think of these things because their problem it is not;
But when trouble comes and you are there it is you who would take the shot.
Not the average Joe or Jane, weakness makes them afraid;
It is you Mr. Officer, overworked and underpaid.
Spending time with your family often times becomes obsolete;
When the call comes in it becomes impossible to sleep.
A man who does not see his amazing and beautiful soul;
He was called to serve and protect and that is all that he knows.
What is the price to pay for handling all of our strife?
With everyone else it is monetary, but with you it is your life!
So thank you dear officer for making sure we stay safe;
Be careful out there when you’re patrolling every night and every day.
You run headfirst into danger whenever we need you;
That is why, Officer of the Law, I Back the Blue!

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