Offsprings of Love.

I inherited experiences,

Based on what I learnt,

From my forefathers,

From society around me,

From my friends and families,

Who were constantly getting…

Their own share of learning,

From a certain place,

A place of religion,

A place of cultural identity,

A place of ethnicity,

Mostly and decisively controlled

By the clergymen, Godmen of some sort.

I often wonder, who gave them…

This superiority,

Or were we so incompetent,

That we’ve accepted our fate,

Without even protesting.

Or were we ignorant enough,

To not see what was happening around,

How were we being controlled,

And how are we still going through the same hell.

Through media, through textbooks,

Through conferences, through perspective building.

Can’t we just be more observant,

On our own.

Can’t we just take charges of our lives,

In our own hands.

Can’t we just be more aware,

And ask legit questions,

Instead of all these fears,

That we have inherited for ages,

And let others use it for their own good,

For once shred it off,

Can’t we just shun all the political dogmas,

And be the offsprings of Love.

The ones who don’t discriminate,

Don’t hate,

They just Love,

And let love perpetuate.

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