his pain was unfathomable.
he’d memorised all the bumps and cracks in the wall.
weak spots.
grazed and peeling.
but not broken.
the slightest touch could bring him to his knees.
a command.
solid and dominant.
“get up”
he felt a cold blade drag along his leg.
he didn’t care.
for what use are legs that cannot move?
shocked still by pure, undiluted, thick fear.
blood pumped through the wound.
slowly seeping out his heart.
he didn’t care.
for what use is a heart that ceases to feel?
what use is a body that refuses to function?
what use is an identity that isn’t yours?
what use is a word with no meaning?
“get up, scum”
echoed around the room.
but more so in his head.
eye contact.
a cruel game.
raw and callous.
black and endless.
don’t submit.
a rough hand gripped at his neck.
picking him up likewise.
terminating breath control.
g a s p.
hazy vision.
systems shutting down.
once again defeated by the mind.

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