Oh Ambitions!

Time seemed to be dragging eternally slow,
As we dream and hope and wish ambitions too good to be true
Can't we just press the fast forward button,
Wherein we drive the flashy car and have the sophisticated job?
Slow down, honey
You stand on the threshold of your future,
Clutching your diploma in your hand,
A naïve smile plastered to your face,
Blind to the paperwork that comes first
The sly boss in brand name heels, Starbucks coffee: extra bitter
Or he, in suit, tie and shiny polished shoes, arms crossed sternly
The six days a week, 12 hours a day schedule: hello fatigue
You stand on the threshold of your future,
Oblivious to the truth that stares you in the face
Caught up in the happy ignorance of the youth
Of throwing your black caps in the air,
You stand on the threshold of your future,
Ready to take on the world, with no inkling of what's in hold
The world dances in front of your eyes, beckoning you forward
She smiles and laughs, her demeanour one of mischievous seduction,
How easy it is to be duped in the trickery of illusions!
Listen to me, listen to the whispers which echo in the winds,
The whispers of past predecessors, "Be wary, be calm, be wise"
Open your eyes wide, wide, wide; read between the lines,
Take the rose, watch the thorn, stroke the smooth petal,
But watch the thorn, watch the thorn!

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