Oh Brother!

My eyes are swollen
I cannot see
The fact of your death has destroyed me
Our bodies so distant
Our minds so alike
oh my brother
What am I to do with this life?
I close my eyes
I try to sleep
An impossible task with the thoughts that I keep.
Your face haunts my mind
It’s all that I see
My life is quickly rushing by me
What do I do?
How do I cope?
Knowing this life has but no hope.
The sick twisted people
The evil that dwells
Even in ones I thought I knew well
My mind torchers me
Feelings stir deep inside
feelings I try my best to reside
But these feelings that I feel
Are like none felt before
Ones of such anger and sadness
Among so, so much more
These feelings consume me
They devour my soul
Leaving nothing behind but this giant black hole
This hole is so deep
Growing more day by day
A hole that is empty, dreary, and grey
I do not understand brother
Why did you go?
Why did your heart stop blood seizing to flow
I try to hold on
To the thoughts I hold dear
Ignore this new place full of loneliness and fear
Instead I die with you
With each passing day
Unable to fathom that you’re so far away.
Your body now nothing more
Than ashes in a bowl
This terrible thought crowds my mind and torchers my soul
My body lay limp
On the couch at our home
A home that was once yours as well as my own
Your pictures all around me
I smell your cologne in the air
I remember the times when you were still there
The times that we spent
When we were just kids
Playing and laughing oh man how we lived
The fights and the anger we so often let fly
Now are the things I cherish
Those will never die
Our lives were intertwined
Though heart soul and mind
Now forever apart and a slave to time
I wish I could see you
I wish I believed
That a better life was out there absent of greed
I miss you my brother
I miss my best friend
I hate that your life came to an unexpected end
We were once so close
Now apart we will be
Thanks to one mean man’s cruel treacherous deeds.

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