Oh Captain, My Captain

Look how life has taken a toll on me, on you, on our very souls,
But this world was never deserving of you, and neither was I.

When we brought you home, I taught you hide and seek,
Except you're the one hiding, and I'm the one left to seek.

I never considered life without you,
But now I guess I have to.

Everyday I forego is another day without you,
But it's also a day closer to being with you again.

When you looked at me, I knew I was your world.

You were the most stable thing in my life,
And that's what I had to hold.

When everything fell apart, you were the constant,
And all else was the variable.

I'm sorry for my selfishness that asked you to stay,
But I'll always have memories from 828 days.

Well Nipper, my ankles will heal now,
But it's without question that my heart never will.

O Captain, My Captain, your fearful trip is done,
You plowed through the track, and your race has been won.

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