Oh, Dear Sister, Beware

Oh, dear sister, beware.
Your youth is sacred and worthy of disguise.
Older married men will seek it out with lust in their eyes.
Beware, they are tricky and charming and will woo you with lies.
Oh, dear sister, beware.
You aren’t the first he’s treated this way.
Many targets have been sought, but none brought him this far, none let him stay.
Oh, dear sister, beware.
When you’re spending time together
having harmless fun...
He has a wife at home, alone, with sad, longing little ones.
Oh, dear sister, beware.
Now that he’s yours, all yours, and you’re hiding in shame...
Remember he did it to her, and you unfortunately are the same.
Oh, dear sister, beware.
He’s cunning and treats your young heart like gold.
But when he’s away, he’s seeking out new conquests with new lies to be told.
Oh, dear sister, beware.
Now with a ring and baby of your own.
May you find peace in being second best
And new closure in soon being alone.
Oh, dear sister, beware.
Do you recall when he left them for you and you were met with all her irrational rage?
You have nothing to fear now, she is free from his narcissistic ways...
Sadly, now you’re the one in his cage.

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