Oh, Dreadful Angel

A poem….. Oh, Dreadful Angel

Screams of the past echo on and on and on.
Angels are burning as they turn and they turn around.
The shiny coal black eyes of the crow look profound
The old men are sitting down, working on the con.

We are so high that we are trying to figure out why
For all men there is an appointed time to die.
We are walking in the Bloody raindrops of memories
Yes, come share with the masses, your tragedy.

Throughout time, ancient dreams are forever forgotten.
If we do not share them and care for them they are an illusion.
I look at you and i see that my eyes, are the throne of tears and I stand to escape, to take our souls to the last frontier.

Oh, Dreadful Angel of mine, you see my madness, yesterday sadness turned sanity to vain vanity and as you talk to me, you call and I hear but I don’t understand it all all; where the time went and why now it is about over and We have barely gotten to the torture.

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Key Words : Memories!, dreams, Angels

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This Poems Story

I pass a statue of an angel on the way to my doctors. I swear that on the days you feel good, she is smiling. But when you feel bad, she wears a frown.