Oh! How could she dare?


Title of the poem: oh! how could she dare?

About the poem:
As we all are well aware that the Indian series- Delhi crime received the best drama series award in the international Emmy award 2020, It left me reimagining all the terrifying realities of this fiction, thereby, I have compiled a poem about a girl full of dreams, hopes and completely unaware of how, in the very next moment of her life, she could be destroyed, shackled and treated so wickedly that one can only imagine.
We often try to convince the world that men and women are equal, but the fact is, NO, we are not physically equal and YES we are more vulnerable emotionally. Nature did create men as the stronger ones, but NOT as the superior ones, men are stronger to protect, provide, take care and make women feel safe. Ironically, the only reason women are unsafe, are men. This is not feminism, its realism.
I am a 17-year-old girl, am I suppose to write this poem? Am I living in a world which is filled with so many demons that rather than enjoying my teenage I am supposed to worry about the length of my skirt and why is that man staring at me?
This poem is original and unpublished.

Well, here it goes.

oh! How could she dare?

A million baths didn't wash her scars,
He scratched her soul and stole her stars,
Her dreams, her smiles, are now her nightmares,
His evil laughs of lust and wicked eyes, she couldn't stare,
She screamed, she resisted, but oh! How could she dare?

Her mouth was shut, into cold deep silence,
Her rolling tears couldn't stop the violence,
She asked God, "Why couldn't you make me strong enough?",
Not to be a monster, But just to fight them all.

Her eyes begged for freedom,
Her lungs couldn't breathe,
She was shackled and beaten up,
Left naked in the freeze.

Her organs bled, while she was slaughtered,
She fought, but he was just born stronger,
With no shred of her soul, her body lost that war,
Yes, she is a rape victim, scarred forever long.

-Sakshi Tripathi

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