Oh How I Wonder

I wonder.
I wonder how far a paper plane would go
oh what distances it would reach if we just let it fly
Would it reach the great unknown
Would it just get stuck and sad in a world we all know too well
Would someone find it,
or just leave it alone
Would it see things one has never seen
Would it soar
Would it see sunsets on the other half of the world
Would it smile
Would it see rainbows
Or would it feel fire

Would it dance in the rain
Would it enjoy itself
Would it experience kindness
Would we even let it

Would you let it
Let it experience the kindness it’s never felt
Let it smile
Let it dance in the rain
Let it be itself
Or would you make it who you want it to be
Would you bring it down
Let it experience the darkness
Would you hold it back
Or would you let it fly
See the world

Oh how i wonder.

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